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Joy Haddad served seven years in the Army. After returning home from a tour in Baghdad, she lacked support as she tried to readjust.   “I found it […]

As an Army Military Police Officer, Brett Hurlburt helped decrease human and munition trafficking in Kosovo. Later in Iraq, he worked to restore local police forces in Baghdad and minimize […]

VFW Life member Christian Fritz is #StillServing as an Alamo Area Search and Rescue volunteer in San Marcos, Texas.   A former Pennsylvania and Utah Air National Guard member, Fritz was deployed […]

Eugenia “Gene” Thornton is #StillServing as a Life Member of VFW Post 6483 in Milford, Delaware, along with Dolly, her certified therapy dog.  Thornton served in the U.S. Army for 27 years. She was deployed […]

Micah Jones is #StillServing by protecting and supporting his local community with the help of his dog Summer, also a heroic veteran.   A K9 handler in the Air […]

Rosemary Connolly is #StillServing as a member of VFW Post 755 in Springfield, Illinois, and as a therapy dog handler.  Connolly served in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years and was deployed to […]

“I am the VFW because the VFW saved me. When I was at my lowest, the VFW brought me back from the edge, giving me […]

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“I can honestly say the VFW has been my life’s greatest accomplishment, and I am proud to have a sense of purpose that has such […]

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Denise Perry is #StillServing as a member of VFW Post 6054 in Aberdeen, Maryland. She’s also the State Quartermaster with the Department of Maryland, a […]

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Teri Darnell

“I want to actively participate in propelling more conversations about what we can all do to provide more support for our veterans,” stated Teri Darnell […]

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Keith Dawson

Keith “Doc” Dawson is #StillServing by helping veterans find the support they need after leaving the military. He’s also working in the intensive care unit […]

James Beaty

U.S. Army veteran James Reese Beaty is #StillServing with VFW Post 6089 in Anderson, South Carolina. Beaty is a VFW Life Member who serves as […]

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Lalena Zoe

Lalena Zoe Magnetta is #StillServing as a Life Member of VFW Post 2245 in Grayslake, Illinois. She’s the Post Service Officer, an active member of […]

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Lela Bremen

“The VFW is an organization that cares for, fights for and supports all Veterans of Foreign Wars. This is why I’m proud to say ‘I […]

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Paula Jansen

“The VFW is family and we take care of each other. This is why I’m proud to say ‘I am the VFW,’” said Paula Jansen […]

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