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VFW Life member Frank Lahtinen is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran currently living in Edgewater, Colorado, with his family. After retiring from service, Lahtinen started a website called Operation Veteran Strong, a free resource and service guide available to any veteran.

Operation Veteran Strong is designed to support the mental and physical health of veterans and their families. Lahtinen curates essential resources and puts them on his site, so veterans from any background can find the help they need.

This includes counseling services, support groups, veteran retreats, educational materials, VFW accredited service officers, mental health initiatives and more.

Lahtinen says he is #StillServing because it is his way of giving back to the world. While there are a lot of resources available to veterans, most don’t know where to begin.

Through his platform, Lahtinen aims to simplify the process of accessing these services and empower veterans to find help.

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