Every day, men and women who have bravely defended our freedom continue to serve in ways outside of the military. America’s veterans and service members are actively involved in their communities. We know our veterans are #StillServing.

If you — or a veteran you know — has stepped up to help others and your community, please take a moment to let us know what you’re doing.

We want to share your stories and maybe even inspire others across the country to do the same. Thank you for your service — and thank you for #StillServing!


Your service transcends the military.
Take a moment to share the ways you’re #StillServing.

“I started Waypoint for Veterans — an organization focused on reconnecting veterans, first responders and their families by offering guided excursions through Alaska’s wilderness to experience the healing effects of nature.”
-Lucas, U.S. Army

“I created an organization and started a movement that’s going around the world, offering an opportunity to invisible girls and women to be seen, and heard. I’m Sally Roberts and I belong to the VFW.”
-Sally, U.S. Army

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