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Veteran-Dog Duo Advocates for Others in Need

Several decades ago, David Knight went missing in action. Many years after his rescue, Knight began experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) stemming from the experience. He adopted service dog Major to help him cope.

Among other things, Major is skilled at picking up on changes in Knight’s blood hormone levels, which could indicate stress. By pawing, licking or jumping on Knight, Major can help ground him when that happens.

Realizing the positive impact Major has had in his life, Knight is #StillServing today to help others find similar support. With Major by his side, Knight advocates for veterans interested in acquiring their own service dog.

“I want other veterans to know how Major saved me from intense PTS 50 years after I was rescued so I can help prevent my near-life-ending experience from happening to someone else,” he said.

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