VFW Day of Service Radio Script

[If you have a media budget — or connections at your local radio station to produce a Public Service Announcement — use this script to record a brief spot to promote your Day of Service event.]

Radio Script — VFW Day of Service

I’m _______________________. And it’s my pleasure to let you know about VFW Day of Service.

America’s veterans are #StillServing in communities across the country. The next annual VFW Day of Service is May 4, 2024 — marking the start of veteran-led community service projects throughout the month.

VFW Posts, VFW members, community advocates and veterans of every stripe are leading the charge to serve our neighbors and fellow citizens — just as we always have.

[Include details about your event]

Please visit vfwdayofservice.org for more details. <say “org” instead of o-r-g>

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