Get Your Event Noticed

Keep these tips in mind when promoting your event to the media. Your event is more likely to get reported if you make the news outlet’s job easier. Here’s how:

Introduce yourself, develop a relationship with a local reporter(s) so they know you’re a reliable source for quotes, interviews and content. Let them know the topics on which you could be an expert source.

Contact the news outlet 30 days in advance of your event to gauge their interest and so they can slot your event into their schedule. Call them again a week prior.

Prepare your spokesperson by deciding, in advance, what you would like to get across in the interview – most are able to remember to say, and audiences to hear and retain, no more than three to four talking points. Think also about the questions a reporter is likely to ask.

Include the Who, What, When, Where and Why on your news alert or press release that you email into the newsroom and have available at your event.

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