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Thanking Women Veterans for Their Service

Jennifer Umland served in the Army for four years, from 1986 to 1990. She was stationed with the 101st Airborne Unit in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Umland is a Bronze Legacy Life member of VFW Post 1894 in Clinton, Missouri, and resides in the same town. As an avid supporter of the VFW, Umland is #StillServing in her second year as Post adjutant.

She recently launched the Post’s Ladies Military Support/Service Officer Event, bringing in a female VFW Accredited Service Officer to assist with claims.

“This has become an annual event,” Umland said. “We brought in several veteran-owned businesses from our community and VA services that offer benefits to women veterans and their families.”

Umland and other attendees even joined together at the event to start a First Friday Female Potluck.

“We have a great turnout with around 10 women veterans and their families gathering together every month,” she said.

Umland, who is all too familiar with the struggles that women veterans face, recognizes how important this type of camaraderie is.

“I’ve heard so many stories from women veterans whose spouses are thanked for their service,” she said. “It’s like people don’t know how to respond to women who have served. It’s an uphill battle.”

She now works to educate the local community on who veterans really are.

“We work with persistence and patience. Every male and female who walks through our Post doors is asked ‘Are you a veteran?’ and thanked for their service,” she said.

Umland works tirelessly to ensure that her community knows that women have and will continue to serve in the military.

“Making a positive influence in the community and talking about our service as women veterans has helped make more people aware of the situation,” she said.

Between things like organizing potlucks, educating the community, placing flags at headstones on Memorial Day and being her Post’s adjutant, Umland is passionate about #StillServing her community every day.

“I will always support the VFW and put our motto, ‘No One Does More For Veterans,’ into action,” she said.

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